Lost in Plane Sight - 1st Place

27 - 31 January 2021

Have you lost your stuff at the airport? Check out the management and chaos that arises from it in the Lost in Plane Sight. Lost in Plane site is a puzzle game where people bring you lost stuff that they have found and your goal is to return these items to the correct owners. Since there isn't much room, the items are placed into the boxes and stacked on top of each other so keep in mind to memorize the correct boxes so that you don't have to find the correct box again.

Swingfinity - 3rd Place

3 – 6 October 2020

A quiet little space travel with your buddies when.. OH NO! Asteroids! Gotta save us all! But how? With rope and a magnet of course! After looping the rope around your waist, you head out to face the dangerous space! Swingifinity is a cart-miner inspired game where the goal is to match the asteroids and survive the wave. By flinging the asteroids at the matching asteroids, asteroids get destroyed and total score gets increased.

Neutralizer - 9th Place

3 – 5 April 2020

A game about a scientist that needs to mix together chemicals to save the environment from a bad monster. Use your briefcase and other tools to mix together chemicals and give it to the scientist. Good luck!

Spacy kits - 1st Place

24 - 26 August 2019

In a world where space is limited the brave kittennauts are looking for a new home. They have found a planet that would be a magnificent place to call home but unfortunately there isn't enough space for everyone. Sacrifices must be made, which means the kittens need to merge or die ... Use your left and right arrows to save as much kittens as possible before they meet their dark fate.

Return to kaleva - 5th Place

25 - 27 January 2019

The player finds themselves stranded far away from home, in the Finno-Ugric underworld. Will they make it back? Will it be them that makes it back? Is it even possible to go back? Controls: WASD, Enter to continue dialogue and E to fell trees where applicable.

Valdur - 11th Place

20 - 22 April 2018

There is a man who is very lonely. His name is Valdur. One morning he wakes up and feels empty inside. He picks up his phone and starts using a dating app. Finally, he matches with the most interesting woman in the world. He picks up his m4 and starts his love adventure. He must be careful because his match jealous ex boyfriends are coming for him. His only option is to kill them. Are you ready to help him?

I want to believe - 10th Place

26 - 28 January 2018

Bob is a typical happy farmer. One day when Bob was bringing his cows back to the butcher house, suddenly some creepy alien spaceships started to attack his animals. With the arrow buttons (or A, D), Bob is going to move as you wish and you can help him to save his cows by throwing magical bottles and exterminating the aliens (click). Make sure that the cows are following him and that they are not frozen by the aliens (red cows). He wants to believe that all his cows will arrive at the butcher house safely. Help him to fulfill his dream!

Embrace space - 7th Place

1 - 4 December 2017

You raise your head in horror. The spaceship crashed and you, the mad scientist, are the lone survivor. You know that to escape you must fight your way through angry robots, defence systems and traps that have turned against you as a result of the crash. From the steaming pile of scraps you manage to build a plasma gun. There is hope again - if only you can avoid the gun overcharging and exploding violently you could make it out of this horrendous prison. Can you make your stand or is time to embrace your fate?